Prevention of Blindness


Prevention of Blindness program goal is to help identify eyesight problems early so individuals can seek treatment and prevent loss of eyesight.  To accomplish this, we offer (free of charge) a wide variety of prevention of blindness & eye safety programs to local communities in Butler and Armstrong Counties.

Prevention of Blindness


Preschool Screenings

Preschool vision screenings are provided to identify preschool-aged children who may be experiencing visual difficulties. These children are then referred for a complete eye examination with an eye-care professional. If detected and treated early, most children will develop an improved or healthy vision.

Children with visual impairments usually do not know that what they are seeing is not normal, and are unable to tell their parents that something is wrong. Unless there is a visible sign such as crossed eyes, there is nothing to suggest to the parent that there may be a problem.


Individuals who have abnormal readings during the screenings are referred to eye care professionals for complete eye examinations. 

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