The Blind Association of Butler and Armstrong

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Life Skills Training

They are services that can be offered to groups or individuals.  They provide information and education to help customers understand, compensate for, and adjust to their visual loss.  They help the individual maintain independence in the home, family unit and community.

Life Skills Education, Individual and/or Classes

Includes education on blindness-related issues such as

  • community awareness/resources,
  • banking options,
  • diabetic education,
  • crime prevention,
  • sensory development,
  • self-esteem building,
  • self-advocacy,
  • peer support,
  • assertiveness training,
  • emergency first-aid,
  • product information,
  • stress management and
  • other topics to assist the customer in adjusting to their visual loss.

Check out the monthly calendar for group dates and times or schedule an appointment to meet with the life skills trainer individually.


  • Children Group (Ages 5-15)
  • Transition Age Group (Ages 16-24)
  • Working Age Group (Ages 18- still working!)
  • Older Adult Group (Ages 25- Still Alive!)

Services are available for all ages!  Office hours are now available in the evening for individuals who work during the day and children after school.  Monday - Thursday 9am-6pm

Transportation is available seven days a week with an appointment.  Try to call two weeks in advance to ensure a driver is available.

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