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All persons who may have an eyesight problem have the right to apply for services under the Specialized Services Contracted Services Program funded by the Bureau for Blindness and Visual Services and private donations.

Referrals may come from a variety of sources.  Referral sources include, but are not limited to eye care providers, relatives, friends, social service agencies, health care providers, schools, churches, Social Security Administration and other agencies.  An individual may also self-refer.

When entering services a life skills trainer will meet with you and assess areas of daily living that we can help you gain independence and also evaluate other programs and organizations that provide additional services. The life skills trainer will complete paperwork on the first visit and confirm eye condition with your eye doctor.  You will then receive notification of eligbility and a list of services that fit your goals of independence.

Visual eligibility documentation of the visual diagnosis can be obtained from the customer’s ophthalmologist, optometrist or physician; from the Social Security Disability Determination (SSDD) Unit; or from the SS Contract Staff’s observation of the bilateral enucleation of the customer’s eyes and/or total blindness.

Visual eligibility is based on one or more of these four factors:

  • ·         A corrected visual acuity of 20/70 or greater in the better eye
  • ·         A visual field loss of 20 degrees or greater
  • ·         A diagnosis of a progressive sight threatening disease
  • ·         A significant functional limitation from vision loss

Visual eligibility may be based on written information up to two years old. 

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