The Blind Association of Butler and Armstrong

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Our mission is to raise awareness about blindness and empower and educate individuals who have visual impairments to lead independent and enriched lives.

A new breed of nonprofit.

For over seventy years, the Blind Association has served blind and visually impaired residents of Butler and Armstrong counties, providing education, life skills training, support, employment, and advocacy.  We've touched the lives of thousands of individuals and families and guided them along the path to fulfillment and independence.

Our unique program architecture is designed with a single goal: personal development.  We believe blind and visually impaired individuals are fully capable and competent, and have discovered that each offers a singular perspective to the world.  While we do offer basic services such as transportation, our focus remains on cultivating the skills and aptitudes necessary for leading independent and enriched lives.

We have a vision.

Each individual that walks through our doors is exceptional.  We tailor our programs to help achieve personal goals and provide an extensive array of services for realizing the aspirations of those we serve.  Utilizing exciting new advances in technology, as well as proven methods and techniques, the Blind Association seeks to afford every blind and visually impaired individual the opportunity to grow and succeed.


The link below takes you to an infographic that illustrates helpful reminders on what to do when you meet a person who is blind and or visually impaired.

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